Country Eastern - Atlantic Heritage and Legacy

Hoodies. Crews. Tees. Onesies.


The COUNTRY EASTERN brand was created by Asetha Power, Newfoundland's Country Eastern Singer and Songwriter

Get her lyric-inspired, original designs on cozy and affordable apparel for the whole family. Printed exclusively in Canada!

"We're always here on the other end. Filling the space til you're home again. Our Rig Life rolls ahead. The kids miss Daddy. They're sound asleep. It's doing us in. But we're in this for keeps." ~Asetha

"I was reared up Country Eastern. Country Eastern tough. I'm a boatload full of sweetness. And a whole keg of salt. Country Eastern Tough." ~Asetha

"Head out the bay and let the bay fix it. Only way to come back from this. Only way to be yourself again. Head out the bay and let the bay fix it." ~Asetha

"I want a man who knows what he has in me. Keeps life simple takes it slow and sweet. Growin' Jiggs dinner, fishin' rivers, cutting trees. Bakin' casseroles, hangin' clothes and steepin' tea. I'll be his sweetie." ~Asetha