COUNTRY EASTERN ~ An Atlantic Heritage and Legacy Brand


Created by Asetha Power, Newfoundland's Country Eastern Singer-Songwriter.

Asetha developed the Country Eastern Brand from scratch using her original design concepts, professional illustrators and good, old-fashioned elbow grease.


In 2020, Asetha returned to writing and recording songs to capture the way of life in Newfoundland and be reminded of simpler times. She wanted to pass along stories of her childhood as she was a single mama of two young boys and her parents had passed away. As Asetha performed her songs, she and her listeners felt profound comfort and belonging in their shared Country Eastern roots and values. 

In creating the brand, Asetha was inspired by her Country Eastern upbringing and influenced by the legacy of her parents. Her mother - a homemaker and caregiver - sewed, knit, quilted, crafted and sang for her entire life. She also picked up accordion at age 57, two years before her passing from Cancer. Asetha's Dad painted, wrote and played harmonica until early-onset Alzheimer's made it impossible. They both set a lifelong example of embracing and enjoying an artistic and creative life. 

Asetha says: "There is nothing like a Country Eastern upbringing. It shows us how to make something out of nothing and move forward in life with grit and grace. It makes us resilient and true. It makes us, period."

The Country Eastern brand celebrates Atlantic Heritage and Legacy with authenticity and character. It truly represents a way of living and being. Like a Country Eastern creed, it is, as Asetha sings: "Country Eastern down to the bone".