Country Eastern is an Atlantic Heritage and Legacy Brand founded in Newfoundland, Canada. It was created by Asetha Power, Newfoundland's Country Eastern Singer/Songwriter, who was born, bred and branded in Conception Bay South, Newfoundland. 

Country Eastern has all original, authentic designs that are nostalgic and classic, giving us a sense that it has always been and will always be. Each concept was developed by Asetha, inspired by her song lyrics, and professionally illustrated from scratch.

The Country Eastern brand celebrates Atlantic Heritage and Legacy with authenticity and character. It represents a way of living and being for generations of east coasters that stay true to their roots alongside the North Atlantic Ocean, wherever they may roam.

As Asetha says: "There is nothing like a Country Eastern upbringing. It shows us how to make something out of nothing and carry on in life with grit and grace. It makes us resilient and true. It makes us, period."

The Country Eastern brand was inspired by and made for those that live to be on the water, in the woods and around the kitchen. Living the good, simple life with family and friends. It is, as Asetha sings, "Country Eastern down to the bone".

'Through grit and grace we are resilient and true.'


Asetha writes and records songs that capture her childhood memories and the way of life in Newfoundland. Asetha and her listeners find profound comfort and belonging in their shared Country Eastern roots and values.

Asetha is inspired by her own and her young boys' upbringing and is influenced by the legacy of her parents. Her mother - a homemaker and caregiver - sewed, knit, quilted, crafted and sang for her entire life. She also picked up accordion at age 57, two years before her passing from Cancer. Asetha's Dad painted, wrote and played harmonica until early-onset Alzheimer's made it impossible. Ted passed three years after his beloved wife, Verna. 

Ted and Verna both set a lifelong example of embracing and drawing strength from a creative and resourceful life. They live on in Asetha, her boys and their Country Eastern lifestyle and endeavours.