Asetha Power - Singer/Songwriter

Asetha Power is Newfoundland's own Country Eastern singer/songwriter. With a mix of classic country and traditional sounds, and rich with references unique to Newfoundland, Asetha's extensive song collection is an authentic celebration of Atlantic heritage and legacy. As Asetha says,

"I was reared on Old Country and Jesus in Newfoundland. I write about everyday life here and how my faith gets me through. That makes me a Country Eastern Singer."

To celebrate her early years growing up along the shores of Upper Gullies, and to pay tribute to her deepest musical influences, Asetha collaborated with the legendary David Fitz, of The Fables, to create two new albums. While Asetha’s music tends to be a hybrid of Classic Country and Newfoundland traditional music, in this case she took a pure approach to each. “Atlantic Heritage” and “Old Country” are both set for release in June 2024. 

"Atlantic Heritage" is a collection of 13 original songs filled with vibrancy and nostalgia. Dug up from her roots, and ripe for the picking, these songs are one giant ode to a way of life in Newfoundland. There’s no doubt where Asetha’s heart is on this spirited, well-crafted album. These fresh and catchy tunes will have you dancing and singing around the kitchen, and shedding a few tears. Listen now to "Atlantic Heritage"

"Old Country" is a collection of 10 classic country songs recorded in honor of her mother, Verna, a true Baygirl from Ragged Harbour, Newfoundland. "Whether she was cleaning, cooking, knitting or quilting, Mudder was singing", Asetha says. "She had that pure old country sound that’s enough to break your heart!" On this album, Asetha stays true to the tender sounds of the female country greats, including songs from Kitty, Patsy, Dolly, and more. Asetha has said her mom’s soul lives in her voice. Perhaps never more so than in these songs. Listen now to "Old Country"

These albums seem to be a triumph of spirit for Asetha. Just as we heard in her all-original "Country Eastern Christmas" album in 2022, there is peace flowing throughout, and a real sense of joy. She brings her whole self to each lyric and makes you feel warmly wrapped in your own memories and roots, as she shares sweet snippets of her story and those of the great women of classic country.

On her FACTOR-funded debut album "Child of Rhyme" and MusicNL Inspirational Artist of the Year nominated sophomore album, "Simple Things, Guts and Dreams", Asetha shared with us her journey through great pain and profound loss. Her songs conveyed the precariousness of life, the grit and grace it takes to carry on, and the simple importance of taking care of ourselves and each other. 

Asetha has said writing songs helped her move through a world of hurt after losing her mom, dad and angel baby, Winston. She considered it a gift from God that allowed her to continue on as a devoted, single mom to two boys and rebuild her life in spite of being grief-stricken and living with Fibromyalgia. Her two new albums certainly feel like a blessed victory for Asetha and her family. She has most certainly found her way!

Given her prolific songwriting ability, angelic voice and raw and honest performances, Asetha's devoted listeners consider her their "East Coast Dolly". With these two albums, Asetha delivers on what they love most about her. For those who follow Asetha’s “Sunday Songs” performances, they can expect a real treat with these new songs added to her repertoire.

When asked what is next musically for Asetha, she says she’s got a Country Eastern album “on the cook”, and is writing a faith album she will call “Thank you Jesus”. She mentions her dad's love of Elvis singing gospel songs and is hoping to bring that influence into her next project. Stay tuned for many more songs from this proud Country Eastern Singer!