Country Eastern is printed exclusively in Canada! As you order an item, it is printed, not before. We do not hold any stock in warehouses. This is called Print-On-Demand. This modern process serves some great purposes:

1. We can provide our authentic products to people living outside of Newfoundland with ease.

2. You can choose from a greater array of colors, styles and designs.

2. Overstock and wastage is eliminated as nothing is printed until a specific size and color is ordered.

3. Shipping is faster and more cost-effective as printing happens in various factories throughout Canada, depending on where you are ordering from.

4. You can order and send gifts directly to your loved ones without the hassle and high cost of packaging/sending them yourself. 

6. It also ships worldwide for great rates as our suppliers have negotiated reasonable terms due to the high volume they print.

We are very proud to offer our Country Eastern gear across Canada, and the world, in as straightforward and cost-effective manner as possible.  

Take good care and keep cozy!