Simple Things, Guts and Dreams - CD





Simple Things, Guts and Dreams

Sophomore Album - October 2020

"Simple Things, Guts and Dreams" is an authentic, honest and inspired
collection of original songs from Newfoundland Singer-Songwriter
Asetha Power. With a mix of both classic country and new folk sounds,
and rich with references unique to Newfoundland, this album is
beautifully relatable and heartwarming. As Asetha puts it, "I was
raised on Old Country and Jesus in Newfoundland. That makes me a
Country Eastern singer. I sing about everyday life here and how my
faith gets me through".

Newfoundlanders living locally and away, as well as anyone nostalgic
for a simpler way of life, will adore this album. Her lyrics are
telling, clever and charming. While the melodies and messages are
uplifting and settle in for the long haul. A sense of  brilliancy and
peace shines throughout her true tales of heartache, profound loss,
resolve and resiliency.

Asetha writes of her roots shaping her todays. How faith and childhood
recollections have carried her through a quick succession of
devastation - the loss of her health, career, unborn child, mom, dad
and marriage. How daily round and ritual, learned from her Mom, helps
to restore her peace and connection. How faith guides her through
grief and hopelessness. How resolve, self-respect and resiliency allow
her to redefine her life. And, how unconditional love fills the new
life she is creating with her little boys.

Asetha trusted her Facebook following - who have viewed her acoustic
performances of original and classic country songs hundreds of
thousands of times - to choose the 12 songs for the album, from a
batch of 40. The result is an album about overcoming the worst of life
through faith, self-love, family and friendship. Each song holds
delight, insight, and inspiration. This album is a breath of fresh
air. The best kind of company for road trips and
Sundays spent cooking and cleaning.

On "Simple Things, Guts and Dreams", Dave Fitz, local producer,
multi-instrumentalist and songwriter, expertly captures the essence of
what has appealed to so many in Asetha's live performances. A genuine,
honest character. God-given talent. A kind, spunky spirit. A foolish
and stubborn heart. As well as a deep connection to her faith and
roots. Asetha's friends and fans agree she is a gifted
singer-songwriter-storyteller with a homespun personality, angelic
voice and irreverent humor that most often draw comparisons to Dolly,
Emmylou, Jewel, Alison Krauss, Stevie Nicks, and Miranda Lambert.

Despite the profound losses she has experienced, and the challenges in
regaining her footing, Asetha has triumphed. She has never given up on
herself or the beauty of her dreams. Now, through a simple life, faith
and music, Asetha feels she has found a place of belonging and comfort
in this precious, precarious life. She has been fully embraced by a
community of soft-hearted, tender but tough souls, just like her.
Throughout her pain and suffering, Life has given Asetha some very
beautiful gifts. Her favorite being the deep knowing that grief and
grace are two sides of the same coin - with suffering comes solace.
The response to her music, the support of family and friends, and the
love of her little boys make it so.