NEWFOUNDLAND STOCK is printed and held in Newfoundland. I carry a small amount of inventory that is available at local markets or for pick up and delivery locally. 

Because I must invest in this inventory upfront, print minimum batches of 100 and choose sizing and colors in advance, there are fewer options available. However, it is nice to be able to meet and speak with customers, work with local printers and have a more personal way of conducting business.

If there is anything that you cannot currently get through the local NEWFOUNDLAND STOCK, you can usually order the same or at least a similar product through the CANADA STOCK. It will take longer to arrive, as it ships from the mainland, but it is still a great option for Newfoundlanders living locally.

I will also have unique items available in NEWFOUNDLAND STOCK that are not available in the Print-On-Demand CANADA STOCK. I have access to more printing options and local craftspeople that I'd like to work with over time. So keep an eye out for new additions seasonally!

Perhaps I will see you around!